Sunday, 8 May 2011


For the last few months I have done character designs, storyboards and story development on 'SKAL VIOLA!' ('Cheers Viola!'), a short film/PSA by Susanne Baekby Olesen (Drawesome Pictures).

'SKAL VIOLA!' is about Viola, an impressionable young girl growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father. She seeks refuge in her teddy bear, Sebastian, bringing him to life in her imaginary world. However, this imaginary world only serves as a temporary escape from her father's drunken behaviour.

The movie deals with the complex, far-reaching issues relating to alcohol/ism, specifically how it affects family units, interpersonal relationships and self-esteem, from the unique viewpoint of a child.

"This film is meant to be a part of the discussion with the children, a tool for social workers and an eye opener to parents."  -  Susanne Baekby Olesen (Drawesome Pictures)

here are some stills from the animatic:


  1. Woooow... I love the way the crators color it :D

  2. great boards, short looks interesting, the link you posted does not work by the way